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Why Choose Your Sales geek Online SALES TRAINING?

Our online sales training packages have been designed to help you:

  • Grow your sales pipeline
  • Smash your sales targets
  • Increase your sales revenue


Sales Geek is one of only 20 sales training centres worldwide that are accredited by the Institute of Sales Management. Our experienced sales training team are some of the best sales trainers around but they have also sat exactly where you are now. They have been junior sales people, successful sales leaders, Directors and Business Owners. We can collectively draw on hundreds of years of sales expertise and sales training experience to ultimately give you a delightfully fresh and Geeky insight into top level sales performance.


Our online sales training features short sales training videos on a range of sales related topics through our Hub App Package. 

We also have long courses in our Unlimited Package covering all aspects of sales, from developing a sales strategy and targeting the right sort of clients, through to how to handle negotiations and close your clients the Geek way. 


With the Hub App you get access to hundreds of short free sales training videos (typically <15 mins per video) and podcasts. 

You also get access to our Community within the app where you can chat to others and ask us any questions you need help with.

Unlimited Package users also get sales courses that range from 60 minutes sales courses to 120 minutes of sales training, delivered by our top team of Sales Geeks. Each sales training course comes with downloadable worksheets so you can answer questions and come up with answers, right alongside the video.


For free App only users you will sign up online below or download the Sales Geek App from the AppStore or PlayStore and register there.

For Unlimited Package Users you get access to the App as described above and also get enrolled into our state of the art digital learning system so you can begin your learning immediately with the suite of sales training courses we have already available


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online Sales TRAINING Packages

At Sales Geek we believe great sales training is a right, not a privilege, so we wanted to offer everyone the opportunity to begin understanding sales the Geek way! Choose one of the options below that suits your needs.

100s of Short Training videos


Community Forum

Manager Performance Dashboard

All 60-90 Minute Sales Training Courses

Access over £60,000 worth of content

(podcasts and workshops to enhance your leaders and teams skills)

The Sales Geek App



Short training videos



Community Forum

Manager Dashboard

All Academy Courses

Access over $60,000 worth of content

Sales Geek Academy
(for sales teams of 5+)





Short training videos



Community Forum

Manager Dashboard

All Academy Courses

Access over $60,000 worth of content

* All prices are subject to VAT and will be renewed annually

Buy individual online SALES training Courses

The individual sales training courses below are available now with more coming soon.
Click each button to find out more and purchase your next online sales training course.

First Impressions

  • Communication techniques
  • Find your Geeky voice
  • How to build rapport quickly
  • 1.5 learning hours
Learn More

Prospecting 101

  • 3 different types of prospectors
  • Your customers know who to call
  • Never make a cold call again
  • 1.5 learning hours training
Learn More

Finding Your Ideal Clients

  • Your position in the market
  • How to target your ideal client​
  • Qualify your pipeline like a Geek
  • 1.5 learning hours
Learn More

Creating Value

  • Add a dose of Geek value
  • The benefits of features
  • The six Geeky secrets of persuasion
  • 1.5 learning hours
Learn More

Questions = Customers

  • Identifying & using different questions
  • Capture those buying signals
  • Move things along like a Geek
  • 1.5 learning hours
Learn More

Overcoming Objections

  • Learn to love objections
  • Identify buying signals
  • Defuse & disarm like a Geek
  • 1.5 learning hours
Learn More

Closing The Sale

  • Four Geeky ways to close
  • How to close with confidence
  • Upselling the Geek way
  • 1.5 learning hours
Learn More

Linkedin Social Selling

  • Use Linkedin like a Geek
  • How to build your personal brand
  • Generate 2-3 quality leads per day
  • 2.5 learning hours
Learn More

Social Selling Video Challenge

  • Start with brand for your social selling…
  • Secret Geek’s guide to social selling
  • Seven saucy social selling secrets
  • 1.75 social selling learning hours
Learn More

* All prices are subject to VAT

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The Sales Geek Hub™ from Sales Geek is an iPhone and Android app that houses hundreds of online sales training videos and podcasts. There is also a global community of sales professionals to engage with.

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